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June 26, 2020
HED welcomes Joseph Green as Associate Principal, Sector Leadership in the Dallas office
HED is pleased to welcome Joseph Green, PMP, PE, to the firm as Associate Principal, Sector Leadership in the Dallas office, bringing over twenty-four years of experience in the delivery of sensitive and highly technical projects. In this role, Joseph will lead integrated architectural and engineering design teams to develop and execute effective strategies for quality project execution and improved processes, particularly in the data center and mission critical sectors.

Prior to joining HED, Joseph acted as Director of Engineering for Howard L. Zimmerman Architects in New York, NY, as Facilities Director within The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), as Projects Director within the United States Intelligence Community, and as Senior Project Manager within the United States State Department.

Joseph’s industry knowledge and focus on client needs will be integral to HED’s effectiveness toward its mission: Advancing Your World, through the Positive Impact of design, our teams create exceptional solutions for our clients, the community, and the world.
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