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October 21, 2021
EDspaces 2021: Evolving Pedagogy; Transforming Campus: Designing for Dynamic Change
Join HED’s Principal / Pre-K12 Sector Leader, John Dale, as he and his fellow speakers discuss Santa Monica High School’s transforming campus. This session discusses the campus’ recent master plan and two new major projects that have begun a radical transformation to the campus, re-shaping the course of the school for the next century.

The panel will discuss the following learning objectives:

Learning Objective 1: Understand the challenges of the historic Santa Monica School campus and how they necessitated an ambitious new master plan to reshape the campus.

Learning Objective 2: Learn how to balance competing forces of tradition and preservation versus progressive education ad accommodating facilities.

Learning Objective 3: Gain insight into the newly occupied Discovery Building, designed based on Open Building Principals, its innovative approach, and expectations about its use in the near and distant future.

Learning Objective 4: Learn about the newest development phase – an athletic complex and career technical facility and how they continue the shift in emphasis for high school education at Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District.
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