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August 17, 2017
USC Village Opens to Wide Acclaim from Community
USC Village Opens Today — a transformational mixed-use, living-learning community, that extends the University of Southern California (USC) University Park Campus north — ceremoniously opens today. It is a momentous project, surpassing all other student housing developments in California, in size and magnitude. It is home for 2,500 USC undergraduate students, providing a highly-curated mix of retail and dining options for students and the University Park community, and generate thousands of jobs, flushing a projected $5.2 billion into the local economy. The Village offers an unprecedented college experience pairing academics, housing, amenities, connection to the community all in one.

Thomas S. Sayles, Sr. VP for University Relations noted, “Not only is [the community] supportive, but they’re excited. Excited for several reasons, one of the primary reasons being that this is yet another beautiful asset to our community. It provides additional eating options for the community. It really is transformative to what we call the University Park Community and the USC area.” And I think what the community members find most rewarding is that they were involved in the planning process years before the Village came to fruition...and we not only sought their input but we really listened. When we were up for approval by City Council of LA, we had over 800 community residents come to the hearing, and testify in support of the Village.”

USC Village is a benchmark for student housing for the nation’s universities — from its urban planning strategies, impressive fast-track schedule, and construction innovations to state-of-the-art security, diverse amenities and transformative living-learning approach — providing a unique recruitment and retention tool for the university.
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