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April 30, 2019
A Premium Data Center Investment Conference & Expo
Principal & Studio Leader Jack McCarthy PE, DCEP will be moderating at the second annual Data Center Investment Conference & Expo (DICE) Southwest on April 30 in Phoenix.

Jack specializes in mission critical design and brings over 25 years of electrical design to clients in the enterprise, cloud, colocation, and hyperscale markets. Registered in 20 states, his project experience ranges from 1,000 SF server rooms to large-scale facilities of all tier levels and sizes exceeding 100,000 SF, with projects located throughout the U.S., as well as Canada, Mexico and the Middle East. Based in HED’s Dallas office, he is uniquely qualified to lead the conversation of pressing topics in data center development in the Southwest.

Topics will Include:
• How will increased power density and cooling capacity impact site selection?

• As end-user demands shift, how will the growing use of outsourced IT services drive demand for off-premise data centers and onto the cloud?

• How will the Internet of Things and AI impact data center demand?

• With deployments becoming denser and more compact, what are hyperscalers and cloud providers doing to be more sustainable?

• What do the growth of micro data centers, 5G and Edge Computing innovations mean for today’s data center requirements?

• How are cloud computing platforms and hyperscalers expanding their footprint in Phoenix and its submarkets?