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Voices of HED - Marci Loftin
In recognition of the amazing people that make our firm exceptional, we asked our team some questions about their role and what inspires them and their work.

Today, we're recognizing Marci Loftin, LEED AP, CID, a Business Development Manager in our Los Angeles office.

What was the most recent project you completed with HED? What did you learn on that project?
"ServiceTitan 9 and 11. The most important piece of learning for this project was how to coordinate internally with my team and understand the respective strengths and weaknesses we each bring to the table."

What’s your favorite part of your job? What attracted you to this role?
"My favorite part of my job is the ability to help guide the strategic business pursuits of our Workplace practice. I enjoy that leadership trusts my opinion and allows me to operate independently in forging new relationships and fostering existing ones. It’s also exciting to see how to best position our staff for pursuits in Workplace and cross pollinate with other studios."

What do you wish people outside the industry understood about your job?
"Workplace projects occur at a very high speed, so expertise is needed for decisions that need resolution quickly yet can have multiple implications (schedule and budget). Our projects are often appreciated for their look and feel, and a deep bench of knowledge is required to make all the unseen elements work for the client (like the heat). There are a lot of moving parts that need to move fast in our world!"

What do you wish people inside the industry would understand about your job?
"Responsiveness is personal. We take our relationships seriously and work diligently to perform quickly and provide design solutions that work well and take into consideration all aspects of the project. Developing relationships takes years."

What do you love about your job?
"The ability to grow a practice – it’s extremely satisfying to watch people grow and stretch and take on more responsibility for future leadership."

What assignment or project are you most proud of? Why?
"ServiceTitan 9 & 11. We had to compete for the project and we have been very successful at developing the client relationship where we are a go-to resource for a multi-phased large-scale project."

What experience (project type, location, dream client etc.) do you hope to have before your career ends?
"I already have it in ServiceTitan!"

If you could give yourself 1 piece of advice on your first day at HED, what would it be?
"Easy does it wins the race."