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Voices of HED - Troy Stockwell
In recognition of the amazing people that make our firm exceptional, we asked our team some questions about their role and what inspires them and their work.

Today, we're recognizing Troy Stockwell, an Architecture & Design/BIM Specialist out of our Detroit office.

What was the most recent project you completed with HED? What did you learn on that project?
The University of MIchigan Detroit Observatory. That project that went through lots of design changes. I needed to create designs quickly to allow the client to “see” the vision of our designers. Many times these ideas seem “out there” until someone like myself creates it in 3D and puts them in the space. Once they are engaged in the look and feel, the creativity really shines through.

What’s your favorite part of your job? What attracted you to this role?
I love that I have the ability to teach, I love learning new ways of doing things and transferring those skills to others.

What do you wish people outside the industry understood about your job?
I wish people outside of the industry knew how much work goes into making quality buildings that will last, the types of materials, skills and thought that go into our projects is what is often overlooked.

What do you love about your job?
What I love most about my job is that I get to create buildings using Revit (3D software) that allows me to create virtual environments that will come to fruition. I am building the future “Literally.” Don’t tell anyone, but its really fun to “fly” through a virtual building long before its built, and with new tech like VR and AR its only getting better.

What assignment or project are you most proud of? Why?
The Wacker Chemical project. That project has lots of lab equipment that allows me to work between Excel and Revit to manage and maintain these assets for the client. Its how BIM was intended, but rarely utilized. Lots of information, all tied to pieces and items within the model.

If you could give yourself one piece of advice on your first day at HED, what would it be?
Always be flexible, you never know where your career will lead you, be open to change and go with it. Stay hungry and never stop learning.