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Palliative Care Suite, Providence Holy Cross Foundation
Mission Hills, CA
PHCMC Palliative Care Suite
Empowering patients.
A new palliative care suite integrates family, dignity, and clinical care.
Celebrating life.
In response to an increasing need for inpatient palliative care programs in traditional acute care hospitals, Providence Holy Cross Medical Center (PHCMC) sought to create a space that empowers end-of-life patients, directly engages loved ones as caregivers, and provides ready access to hospital resources and specialists.

The vision for this project was a state-of-the-art palliative care suite that seamlessly integrates technical clinical care, comfort, human dignity and family engagement in a peaceful setting.

Off-site palliative suites are difficult to replicate in an inpatient setting. The primary challenge is the creation of a home-like environment in a hospital context. To resolve this challenge, our team carefully considered every element of the future space. We began by identifying a location with ample natural light and pleasing views in a quiet area of the hospital. Next, we thoughtfully selected each fixture, finish and feature to support the unit’s welcoming, comfortable and dignified ambiance.

Working in close collaboration with Providence Holy Cross, HED’s design team transformed a traditional, semi-private acute patient room into a spacious, positive environment. The resulting 240 square foot Comfort Care Suite seamlessly integrates space for the patient, family members, visitors and caregivers, and provides a dignified, soothing environment in which to celebrate the life of a loved one.
HED created a comfort care suite that has the comforts of home as often times patients cannot leave the hospital. This room is the least we as medical providers can do to make things better for the entire patient-family unit.”
Marwa Kilani, M.D.
Medical Director
Providence Holy Cross Palliative Care
The new Palliative Care Suite provides a quality end of life experience for patients and their loved ones during a difficult time.
This prototype project will pave the way for additional room remodels.
The project integrates thoughtful, specialized features, fixtures and finishes to achieve the vision of a comforting, dignified end-of-life care environment.
Biophilic design elements, adjustable LED and natural lighting, and carefully-selected materials were integrated throughout the suite to create a peaceful, soothing environment.
Customized, demountable biophilic acrylic side panels and casework enable easy access to in-wall med gases; reconfigurable custom furniture allows for easy relocation.
Healing artwork was included in the design; this element not only benefits the patient, but also the clinicians, family members and visitors.
Other patient and family centered features include a versatile sleeper sofa, custom-designed freestanding writing desk, room divider for added privacy, and concealed wardrobe and casework.
Project Data
Palliative Care Suite 2011-PD451-010
Providence Holy Cross Foundation
Mission Hills, California
Architecture (Full Service)
    LEED Certified Equivalent
Project Team
  • Gerald Puchlik
    Sector Leader
  • Korina Macias
A new palliative care suite integrates family, dignity, and clinical care.
Palliative Care Suite, Providence Holy Cross Foundation
Mission Hills, CA
Empowering patients.