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Market Sector  Manufacturing and Product Development
Manufacturing and Product Development
Evaluating, evolving, and aligning every element of your product development and design to your facility
Of all HED's areas of expertise, none demonstrates the full-service capabilities of our integrated approach more than manufacturing and product development. Balancing safety, sustainability, long-term value, efficiency, and innovation, these spaces require intense levels of detail in both architectural and engineering design and demand the highest standards of quality and competitive speed of delivery.

Meeting these demands means evaluating, evolving, and aligning every element of product development and design—and the spaces that support them. Together we can create, workspaces that foster collaboration and innovation, meticulous research and testing facilities that ensure regulatory compliance and support sustainable goals and advanced manufacturing facilities that transform both end product and the production process.

Our integrated practice brings deep experience in both traditional manufacturing and cutting-edge, technologically advanced workplaces, laboratories, testing and product development facilities. From large-scale, design-build projects to updates and renovations, our experts help to accelerate your speed to market, maximize your productivity, eliminate waste and production gaps, and ensure it all works for and within your organization.
Market Sector
Manufacturing and Product Development