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Repurposing retail into a mixed-use economic catalyst

By repurposing existing retail centers into mixed-use developments, often called ‘lifestyle centers,’ city and regional planners can address these changing consumer dynamics head on while still satisfying local and regional needs.

A mixed-use development has the potential to transform an area into a regional destination by creating a vibrant and dynamic environment that attracts people from near and far. Such a development combines different types of land uses including residential, commercial, retail, entertainment, healthcare, commercial, and recreational, into a cohesive and interconnected space offering a multitude of amenities and experiences.

With proper planning, these mixed uses offer opportunities to create a modern nexus that supports regional development and evolution. Since retail centers had their own gravity for years, adding new uses as part of a conversion to a lifestyle center reinvigorates the concept of the location as a destination and supplements it with a new local population within the residential component of the development. Download our considerations below!

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