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June 11, 2020
"Beautiful Burnished Block" by HED's Megan Crawford and Kevin Doyle, published in SMART dynamics of masonry
In the recent issue of SMART Dynamics of masonry Megan Crawford, P.E. and Kevin Doyle, AIA outline how HED's integrated architecture and engineering teams created savings and solutions for AUCH Construction's HQ using masonry solutions.

Throughout the design process, masonry presented itself in many ways, outlined in detail in the article but summarized here:

- Steel Braced Frames for Open Design Depended on Masonry Sheer Walls
- Use of Masonry reduced Materials, Costs, and Schedule
- Masonry Choices and Schemes Set a Dramatic Tone
- Use of Masonry Offset Glass in Meeting Energy Codes

Using the link below you can read the full article and learn about how use of masonry contributed to the most effective design solution.

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