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April 4, 2022
Belmont Beach Aquatic Center awarded the Coolest Project Design in the Revizto Collaborators of the Year Awards
we're very pleased to share that the Belmont Beach Aquatic Center in Long Beach, CA was recently awarded the Coolest Project Design in the Revizto 2021 Collaborators of the Year Awards!

Every year the global Revizto Team votes on the most innovative teams and projects from the previous year. Twelve awards are given out to showcase the tremendous, collaborative efforts made to accomplish some truly outstanding projects. Congratulations to everyone for their hard work on this project, including our partners RoTo Architects and Hastings+Chivetta Architects!

Located on a public beach and replacing an aging facility, the Belmont Beach and Aquatic Center establishes a new focal point for the Long Beach aquatic competition community. Supporting therapeutic and recreational activities as well as swimming, diving and water polo competitions, the Center has become an iconic civic institution for the region.

You can read more about the Belmont Beach Aquatic Center using the link below.
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