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August 14, 2020
HED accepts the SoCal NOMA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Challenge
HED is proud to share that we have accepted the Southern California Chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects (SoCal NOMA) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Challenge (DEI Challenge): an initiative for architecture, engineering, construction, and related firms to voluntarily support measures to transform the diversity of their firms and the AEC community in a way that is holistic, firm-wide, and data driven.

We accept this challenge to demonstrate and support our organizational commitment to fighting against racism and racial inequality within the profession of architecture, and to take positive action within our own firm to hold true to our core value of integrated practice. We are always striving to be a more inclusive, integrated practice because we value the diversity of perspectives, experiences, abilities and expertise that advance both the work we do, and the world we share.

In committing to the SoCal NOMA DEI Challenge, we commit to voluntarily provide the following information as part of the DEI Challenge, on an annual basis, for the purposes of gathering and collecting data and statistics that may be used by NOMA as well as partner organizations to develop programs and policies on diversity, equity, and inclusion going forward. This information will also be utilized internally to inform decision-making and drive improvement in our own practice.

The DEI Challenge consists of ten actions, each with a scoring threshold with a total of 100 potential points. Participating firms must score a minimum of 70 points to be recognized as a SoCal NOMA “DEI Challenge Ally.”

HED is proud to act against institutional inequity within our own firm and the greater AEC industry. Because of the outsized impact our industry has in communities and the world writ large, we believe that this initiative is aligned directly to our mission of Advancing the World of our clients and communities, and feeds directly into our core values of critical thinking, design excellence, and integrated practice.

We firmly believe that by accepting this challenge, we will drive incremental, measurable positive change in our firm, our industry, and the world, and we join SoCal NOMA in the call to our peer AEC firms to take up this moral and professional imperative.

Together, we will create positive impact.
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