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May 6, 2024
HED and Environ team Selected to Design New Port of Long Beach Field Support Office
We are proud to announce that the HED and Environ team has been selected to spearhead the design of the new Field Support Office (FSO) Building Project at the Port of Long Beach (POLB). Environ is leading the project as Design Architect, supported by HED interior design and engineering teams. This project marks a significant step forward in providing a permanent facility to support field staff while enhancing security measures for the entire FSO and Maintenance Facility complex, providing offices and operational space to house Field Service Operations Staff.

The upcoming project, situated adjacent to the POLB Maintenance Facility in the Long Beach Harbor District, aims to introduce a unified and consolidated approach to security, alongside essential site enhancements. These enhancements encompass parking accommodations, a PV solar system for both the building and parking lot, storage facilities, open areas, landscaping, walkways, and fencing.

Key objectives of the Project include achieving Net Zero and LEED Gold Certification, and adhering to a timeline that anticipates bid advertisement in Spring 2026, with construction substantial completion expected by Fall 2027. The team also includes KPFF Engineers (Civil), Lynn Capouya (Landscape Architecture), and Engeo (Geotechnical Engineering).

With a commitment to excellence and innovation, the team looks forward to collaborating closely with all stakeholders to bring this visionary project to fruition, ensuring it serves as a model of efficiency, sustainability, and security for years to come.
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