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April 29, 2020
HED expedites substantial completion of IL Veterans Home to assist state response to COVID-19
In early April of 2020, the Illinois Veterans’ Home project reached an expedited substantial completion – representing the culmination of over a decade of effort by the State of Illinois and Designer HED. The project went from being due this summer to needing to be completed in 21-days to make its beds available to the state.

Designed to provide a home for 200 veterans, the project was accelerated from its original summer completion date to have the facility available for emergency care as part of the State of Illinois’ COVID-19 relief effort. This was a natural fit for the program designed as a skilled nursing care facility with 200 beds and single occupancy rooms.

Incorporating small house design at a large scale, each floor is sub-divided into 4 distinct "households." The dining program was developed as a hybrid approach, with a central kitchen and residential format kitchens in each household, incorporating both the needs of the State (the owner/operator) and the residents. The ground floor of the facility was designed based on the "Town Center" principle of CLC guidelines. The four households of the 2nd floor are reserved for Memory Care with access to a secure terrace space.
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