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March 12, 2021
Melina Aluwi Named NewSchool's 2020 Alumni of the Year
Join us in congratulating Melina Aluwi on being named NewSchool’s 2020 Alumni of the Year!

Since graduating from NewSchool with her Master’s in Architecture, Melina Aluwi has continuously given back to the San Diego Community, having served and volunteered for many local professional organizations.

Melina has also served on NewSchool’s Alumni Advisory Board as the Mentorship Committee Chair and Alumni Board President. She founded NewSchool’s Alumni Mentorship Program and was awarded NewSchool Alumni Mentor of the Year.

In her role as Associate Principal and Higher Education Studio Leader for HED’s San Diego office, Melina brings a passion for design, commitment to mentorship, and knowledge sharing that is integral to HED’s culture and growth.

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