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November 5, 2020
Metropolis wins ACI Southern California 2020 Excellent Use of Concrete in Residential Construction Award
HED is very pleased to share that the Metropolis Towers in Los Angeles, CA have been awarded the Excellent Use of Concrete in Residential Construction Award by the Southern California chapter of the american Concrete Institute (ACI)! This award honors creativity in the use of concrete in residential design and construction, and recognizes innovation, technology, and excellence in projects specific to Southern California and it's unique requirements.

As stated by Pankow PENTA, the project, "known as Metropolis R3, this 56-story concrete-frame structure started permanent construction activities in June of 2015 with placement of a mat footing up to 14’ thick. Saiful Bouquet Structural Engineers utilized the LADBS Alternative Performance-Based Seismic Analysis and Design of Tall Buildings which allowed for a significantly more efficient structure in terms of core wall rebar densities. To meet the high-strength concrete requirements, up to 10,000 psi in the core walls and columns, PPB partnered with NRMC to use a self-consolidating concrete mix utilizing coarse aggregate from Vulcan Corona, one of the stiffest locally available materials.

During preconstruction, the Owner (Greenland USA) made it clear that reducing the overall duration was important to the real estate development for financial reasons. PPB pursued an aggressive structural schedule, utilizing Doka for the self-climbing core wall formwork and the load-compensated truss tables to form the 8” PT slab and 12” mild steel slabs. In order to meet the design requirements, two full floors of horizontal formwork were cycled to achieve an average cycle time of five days for the upper 30 floors, with minimal overtime required.

Overall duration of the project was just under 23 months with 51,800 cubic yards placed. The total floor area of the building is 1,061,750 square feet with a building height of 617’-6”, which makes it one of the tallest concrete–frame buildings in the region."

Owner: Greendland USA
Architect: HED
Concrete Supplier: National Ready Mixed Concrete Company
General Contractor: Pankow PENTA Builders
Concrete Contractor: Pankow PENTA Builders
Concept Designer: Gensler
Structural Engineer of Record: Saiful Bouquet Structural Engineering
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