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November 25, 2019
President Michael Cooper on Jon Dwoskin's THINK Business Podcast: "Why You Need To Know Your Client"
Our President Michael Cooper was recently a guest on the Jon Dwoskin THINK Business podcast, speaking directly to client insights and how to value the relationships and information clients provide.

"If I want to understand our markets, I want to talk to our clients," says Michael, "I want to talk to our partners and hear from them. What are you pain points? What are your challenges? What keeps you up at night?"

in this episode, Michael shares insights on several topics, including:

- Client Insights
- Leveraging Research
- Building a "People First" organization
- Mentorship

Jon Dwoskin is a business coach, executive coach, author, speaker and podcast host who provides leadership training, business coaching and executive advising to shift mindsets, recharge batteries and get executives to start thinking, acting and leading like CEOs of their own companies. His podcast, THINK Business, features 1:1 in-depth and soulful conversations with executives, managers and sales people who are making a difference in their companies, communities and in themselves.

You can listen to this and other episodes of his podcast using the link below.
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