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HED Talents Recognized at School Facilities Conference
HED’s commitments to community and educational facilities were recognized in the form of multiple awards at the 39th Annual Coalition for Adequate School Housing Conference.

Wallace Gordon, a K12 Studio Leader in San Francisco, received a Certificate of Recognition for his service to the group, particularly for his long-term leadership of the organization’s Student Design Awards. Open to college architecture students from all over California, the awards are a way to showcase and encourage the talents of up-and-coming design talents.

This year’s winning talents featured students from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo who have their own connections to HED. In the school’s urban design symposium, a semester-long program, students are based at architectural studios throughout San Francisco. HED, especially through Wally’s efforts, has been a long-time supporter of this program.

This year Tiffannie Shively, hailing originally from Austin, Texas, won her award for work with the COMMIX/Bakersfield STEAM Academy, while Berkeley native Aleksa Salve and Brian Chan of Los Angeles were recognized for their joint project at Ocean View Elementary School in Arroyo Grande. In addition to that HED connection, Aleksa has also interned at the San Francisco office most summers since she was a first-year student. We salute our colleague Wally Gordon for his efforts on behalf of the CASH organization, and applaud our Cal Poly cohort for their design excellence. Congratulations!