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Digital Loudoun Plaza (Building G), Digital Realty
Ashburn, VA
Replicating success.
A building-block approach to master planning.
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For Digital Realty, HED developed a master plan that centers on their repeatable data center module. Both time- and cost-efficient, this design can be replicated throughout the campus whenever additional capacity is required, eliminating the need to maintain expensive empty spaces awaiting future growth.

Adaptable, flexible and compatible with standard mechanical and electrical systems, each model can be purchased and quickly delivered to provide on-demand, as-needed capacity. An individual model comprises a 10,000 square foot data hall and associated power and cooling to support 1,200 kW of IT capacity. Multiple modules can be linked or stacked to create large, customizable data center spaces.

Constructed using this modular approach, Digital Realty’s Building G also features an elegantly economical exterior. The LEED Silver facility’s tilt-wall construction surrounds 22 data centers. At the perimeter, a steel-framed structure clad in glass curtain walls houses the lobby, offices, and customer amenities.
Building G, Digital Realty’s flagship data center, measures 414,000 square feet and boasts an IT capacity of 26.4MW.
The facility was awarded LEED Silver Certification.
The replicable modular design enables the construction and fit-out of three data centers in under ten months.
22 Tier III Turn-key Flex Data Centers™, each having 10,000 SF of raised floor and 1,200kW of IT capacity, were built-out.
To date, Digital Realty has constructed 22 Tier III Turn-Key Flex Data Centers™.
Each module contains 10,000 square feet of raised floor and 1,200kW of IT capacity.
Testing with three different cooling technologies revealed no dimensional change to the module.
A building-block approach to master planning.
Digital Loudoun Plaza (Building G), Digital Realty
Ashburn, VA

LEED Silver


Replicating success.