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Bus Maintenance Facility, Grossmont UHSD
La Mesa, CA
The "Garage-mahal"
Applying automotive expertise to a Pre K-12 district.
School district gets a new depot worthy of a small city
Grossmont Union High School District (GUHSD) serves approximately 22,000 students in grades 9 through 12 and thousands of adult learners in East San Diego County communities, including El Cajon, La Mesa, Santee, and Lakeside, providing pupil transportation with a fleet of 78 buses, including 46 forty-foot buses, 30 thirty-five-foot buses, and 2 twenty-five-foot buses. To support the maintenance, housing, and servicing of this fleet, GUHSD sought out the services of HED for the firm’s national Pre K-12, automotive, and industrial design expertise.

This new maintenance facility is open, bright, and strategically planned for logical and optimal flow. It houses an all electric bus fleet with zero emissions, complete with solar charging stations. Beyond simply storing the fleet, it provides offices for administration, dispatch, and operations leadership, driver and maintenance training, as well as parts storage, bus and chassis wash bays, and ample parking for not only the fleet but delivery trucks, service vehicles, forklifts, and the privately-owned vehicles of staff and drivers. Inside are 9 state-of-the-art maintenance bays, including heavy duty, general service and running repairs, inspection bay, and tire servicing. The facility was also designed to expand as needed without interruptions to operations, and to accommodate future battery electric bus charging stations. The facility not only has provisions for current and future fleet storage and maintenance needs, but the site and traffic plans were carefully considered to create ample room for the day-to-day logistics of the busy and essential facility.
Pedestrian walkways were also carefully incorporated and are readily identifiable to promote effective management and the enforcement of safety standards.
This new state of the art facility ... is reshaping the future for students and families as a leader in transportation, at the forefront of green technology innovation and electricity for transportation. The project is a result of relentless commitment to resource conservation, that will pay off in $2M in annual energy cost savings for the district.”
Mary Beth Kastan
Grossmont Union High School District
Applying automotive expertise to a Pre K-12 district.
Bus Maintenance Facility, Grossmont UHSD
La Mesa, CA
The "Garage-mahal"