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Chicago Office Relocation, HED
Chicago, IL
The experiential office.
Right-sizing and elevating the work experience.
Balancing communal, individual and experiential to draw our people to the office
When HED began thinking about a new location for its Chicago office, we asked our people to tell us what they would want as an ideal workplace. Several goals rose to the surface: our people need mobile technology, opportunities to come together, and autonomy to do their best work. The office experience had to be reimagined around socializing, working effectively and empowering every individual.

Beyond “right-sizing” square footage, the Chicago office is designed for “right-spacing” – balancing a variety of space types in a layout that encourages their use and efficiency, so staff have the space and technology they need, when they need it. This was accomplished through a strategic mix of huddle rooms, individual focus spaces, user-adjustable workstations in different configurations, along with a large open, flexible cafe and agile boardroom. A 42-foot-long custom birch plywood island anchors the studio space and allows for informal gatherings and serves as touch-down space for visitors and staff from other office locations. All of the spaces are technology enabled and can be connected to through your phone, tablet, or laptop.

The selected building also features great amenities and programming which help complete the elevated work experience.
End-use involvement: HED implemented a charette process with staff user groups and HR surveys to inform the needs of the space. The design team will conduct post-occupancy surveys after 6 and 12 months of use to measure our success and to address any aspects that need attention.
Prime Location: The Chicago office’s location selection was based on the desire for a walkable, amenity-rich destination that would provide beyond the workday.
Optimized square footage: Through a strategic mix of space types that allow for activity-based work, the Chicago office footprint went down by 30% while increasing utilization.
Ultimate flexibility: Sit to stand flexibility in most spaces allows for free movement and comfortable working styles, with seamless integration of technology for any working mode chosen.
Intuitive Technology: "Plug and play" technology and placement was designed by HED throughout every space, giving staff the ability to take their laptop anywhere and connect with ease to screens and cameras across the office- encouraging physical movement and autonomy in selecting the best space for the task at hand within a free address environment.
Superior Acoustics: Understanding that staff can control their environment when working from home, the office was designed with utmost attention to acoustic control in every space in order to minimize sound transfer and noise disruptions. High STC glass walls and partitions, acoustic ceiling panels and a sound masking system in the open areas help mitigate noise and help enhance the overall experience.
Amped Up Sustainability: Achieved LEED Platinum-level certification.
Right-sizing and elevating the work experience.
Chicago Office Relocation, HED
Chicago, IL

LEED Platinum


The experiential office.