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HQ Relocation, IDEX Corporation
Northbrook, IL
A culture of innovation
Fostering focus and interaction to create products that improve lives.
Connecting private and public spaces
The space for IDEX's corporate headquarters was envisioned by HED to support their mission of improving lives by fueling a culture of trust, excellence, collaboration and innovation.

The space houses the corporate functions of IDEX and is designed to support focused work while still allowing for team interaction and innovation. A variety of strategically placed collaboration zones encourage interaction between users at the perimeter of the space and are linked to dedicated interior private offices for heads down work. A number of tech-enabled conference rooms of varying sizes support more formal interactions, while a game area and large central café overlooking a pond provide the backdrop to spur informal sharing of ideas.

The project includes a touchless reception, enabling visitors to check themselves in while the staff member they are coming to visit is notified electronically of their arrival. This concept has proven to be beneficial in times of a pandemic. The reception area greets visitors with a variety of seating areas and celebrates IDEX products through an engaging display and technology screens that tell the company’s story.

The space serves to showcase IDEX’s innovative technologies and inventive solutions in a positive and educational way both for visitors and staff alike.
The space is designed to maximize real estate while still maintaining a generous square footage per employee. Two thirds of the staff are assigned to private offices based on the requirements of their work function. The remaining third have generously proportioned workstations oriented along the building perimeter and with access to great views.
Private offices and workstations are arranged into distinct zones along the building’s two wings and are anchored by collaboration zones along the building perimeter.
The space helps foster collaboration and interaction between different departments while supporting privacy and focused work.
Staff can come to the office to engage in heads down work and be appropriately distanced from their peers, but they can also choose to interact in one of the zones designed for this purpose.
The center of the floorplate acts as the connection between the two building wings and features the reception and a social café and game area to encourage informal interactions
Fostering focus and interaction to create products that improve lives.
HQ Relocation, IDEX Corporation
Northbrook, IL
A culture of innovation