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Primary Care Clinic, Martha’s Vineyard Hospital
Oak Bluffs, MA
Inspired by nature.
Increased Comfort & Convenience.
Bringing the outside in
The project at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital is the renovation of an underutilized area in an existing building (approximately 6800 SF) to expand primary care services for their community.

The naturally restorative powers of nature that surround the hospital were the initial inspiration for the design and have been augmented by an additional planting bed that greets guests as they travel the path leading to the main entrance. Upon entering the facility, the experience is influenced using color and forms that are reminiscent of elements that surround the facility: water, sand, and stone. Natural light fills the patient/family support area where seating is provided, should waiting be required. In keeping with the vernacular of Martha’s Vineyard, the limited exterior modifications were designed to respect the existing building and reinforce the New England style architecture with features that present a welcoming residential quality while providing a professional supportive experience.

The 16 patient exam rooms were designed addressing the safety and confidentiality of patient/family and staff, as well as efficiently supporting their clinical and administrative functions. MD/RN rooms and other staff support spaces were designed working with the providers to offer appropriate spaces for further documentation, consultations, and when time allows, a lounge filled with natural light to take a break and recharge with lockers to secure personal belongings.
The patient support area allows visual access to nature and abundant natural light to help to reduce stress.
Safety and confidentiality are incorporated into the exam rooms, for both staff and patients, by placing the caregiver closest to the door.
Location and orientation of the sink in the exam room allows the caregiver to wash their hands without turning their back on the patient which is hypothesized to increase the likelihood of handwashing, increase patient satisfaction and reduce hospital-associated infections.
A multi-purpose room is included in the design to allow community engagement activities and educational group visits.
Similar to the patient-centered medical home model, the space has been designed to allow both medical and behavioral health issues to be addressed at a single patient visit.
Project Data
Primary Care Internal Medicine Suite 2019-05290-000
Martha’s Vineyard Hospital
Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
Architecture (Full Service)
Project Team
  • Son Wooten
  • Jackie Royer
    Healthcare Planning
Increased Comfort & Convenience.
Primary Care Clinic, Martha’s Vineyard Hospital
Oak Bluffs, MA
Inspired by nature.