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Orland Park Outpatient Campus, Northwestern Medicine
Orland Park, IL
Northwestern Medicine Orland Park Outpatient Campus
A little more welcoming.
Patient-centered care that supports mind and body.
Comfort. Connection. Clarity.
The patient journey can feel isolating and uncertain. For both patients and their families, creating a warm, welcoming treatment environment—one that connects, comforts and clarifies—is paramount.

In our recent work with Northwestern Medicine, we used this belief as the starting place for design. In the process, we helped to reimagine what healthcare should be: patient-centered, thoughtful and empathetic.

The new outpatient campus prioritizes a holistic approach to patient care, creating a better treatment experience and subverting outdated hospital stereotypes. The calming, carefully-crafted environment welcomes. Reassures. And reflects the natural beauty of its prairie wetlands environment.

We know the patient journey can be filled with unknowns. By crafting healing environments that support all aspects of patient wellness, we're working to advance comprehensive patient care—and helping to make the unknown a little more welcoming.
The new outpatient facility celebrates—and incorporates—its peaceful wetland setting with a clean, timeless design that communicates life, health and positivity.
The exterior stone, glass and wood materials evoke the surrounding prairie. Inside, glass walls and large, thoughtfully-positioned windows invite the outdoors.
Adaptable furniture systems in patient rooms, treatment rooms and work spaces adapt to changing needs.
Flexible, open work spaces accommodate physicians, nurses and staff across roles and specialties, supporting a culture of collaboration, equality and cross-pollination.
Intuitive wayfinding design components simplify navigation, while prairie grass-lined sidewalks and glass corridors unify the campus.
Northwestern Medicine is responding to the needs of the community through strategic partnerships that will grow and expand services to build a community of health.”
Aaron Shepard
Principal and Project Manager
Patient-centered care that supports mind and body.
Orland Park Outpatient Campus, Northwestern Medicine
Orland Park, IL
A little more welcoming.