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Gateway Building, Saddleback College
Mission Viejo, CA
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The LEED Gold Saddleback College Gateway project is a 78,000 GSF interdisciplinary instructional and student services building that will include classroom lecture space, learning labs, study areas, collaborative workplace spaces, a learning common, and student services functions. The architecture references characteristics of existing campus buildings in a contemporary solution. Glazing along the main street showcases services and activities, creating a ‘see and be seen’ atmosphere. In concert, these strategies create an environment that support student success by encouraging interaction, supporting individual and group learning and creating the foundation for a vibrant campus community.

HED integrated early building energy performance modeling, wind, sunshade and a thermal comfort study in the building design. Energy efficient lighting, high performance envelope systems, solar ready roof for future photovoltaic were also incorporated.   Indoor water reduction is projected to be 38% and exterior water use reductions is projected to be better than 30%. Low water use plantings, resource efficient materials, low-emitting materials, exterior windows on the east and west facades include vertical fins for protection from the sunlight, and the south glazed entry façade includes a deep canopy overhang to mitigate the sun, and among the many other sustainable design strategies.
pEUI: 38 (68% savings from AIA 2030 baseline).
Bright white cool roof pyramic coating reduces solar heat gain and contribution to heat island effect.
Disruption to the surrounding ecosystem via light pollution is mitigated by robust controls for both interior and site lighting.
Storm water systems were designed to reduce runoff through rainwater storage and mitigated in biofiltration planters on site.
Healthy, low VOC, and natural materials were deployed for occupant well-being.
The project was modeled in Energy Pro 8 and is designed to achieve 15.2% better than California T24 energy performance.
Space was left available on the roof for future photovoltaic panels.
Native and adaptive planting including coast and canyon live oaks, agave, yucca, sage, and acacia ground cover reduce need for irrigation and help preserve the natural water-cycle.
Centralized recycling in the building is tied into the campus procurement and waste management strategy.
Project Data
Gateway Building 2019-05356-000
Saddleback College
Mission Viejo, California
New Construction
Design Architect
$36.6 Million
    Designed to LEED Gold
Project Team
Extensive list of features.
Gateway Building, Saddleback College
Mission Viejo, CA
High performing icon.