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Research and Development Center, ACS / Subaru
Van Buren Township, MI
Subaru Research and Development Center
Flexible for the future.
Shifting the cultural focus from "me" to "we".
Agile and accommodating
Subaru knew that it had to reinvest in its Ann Arbor Research and Development Center to accommodate its growth. The goal was to reimagine the workplace ensuring offices, conference rooms, labs, amenities, and testing areas functioned together in an integrated manner, elevating the potential for interaction and innovation in research and product development. Working with Subaru, the team define the project vision and developed a detailed program of requirements to determine the overall scale of the project and defined specific details for each technical space.

The 56,000 SF facility is split into two key areas that accommodate a multitude of working typologies. The two-story office space provides ample daylight to employees, a flexible layout, multiple locations for collaboration, and spaces for "heads-down" activities. The high bay testing and workshop space is designed for future flexibility as technology and regulations change. This testing area houses two chassis dynamometer test cells, one dedicated to research and one dedicated to cold testing at -10 °C and emissions certification testing to meet USEPA requirements. The workshop area houses vehicle hoists that will be used for vehicle preparation for testing in the dynamometers and other research work.

Subaru's resulting facility shifts cultural focus from the individual to groups organized around projects, encouraging collaboration and collective intelligence to shine. A variety of flexible spaces allow people to work and connect in different ways, celebrating the test cell and laboratories while creating a connection across all disciplines of the company.
The open office space was designed with large north-facing glazing that provides ideal and plentiful natural daylight.
Intentional placement of one dedicated canteen with outdoor patio encourages and facilitates social interations while eliminating conversations that can disrupt "heads-down" activities.
The facility is agile and accomodating, promoting the co-location of groups and providing a near 1:1 ratio of "me" to "we" spaces.
Cultural focus was shifted from the individual to the group—groups that are organized around projects where the collective intelligence of the team outperforms the individual employee.
Shifting the cultural focus from "me" to "we".
Research and Development Center, ACS / Subaru
Van Buren Township, MI
Flexible for the future.