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USC Village, University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA
USC Village
Building history.
Expanding a historic campus—without breaking character.
Academics. Access. Amenities.
Central to students’ learning, development and emotional well-being, living/learning communities are based on the belief that a strong social support network is the most consistent indicator of academic success. Incorporating study rooms, lounges, classrooms, retail and outdoor spaces, the new USC Village establishes a vibrant, supportive environment that encourages continuous learning, engagement and the development of lasting connections both in and out of the classroom.

A significant expansion of USC’s central campus, the Village is closely linked to both the larger campus and its surrounding South Los Angeles neighborhood. Wide, brick-lined pedestrian walkways, multiple points of entry and superb public transportation encourage interconnectivity between the main campus, the Village and the local community. The Village’s restaurants, retailers and relaxing outdoor areas—open to all USC faculty, staff and students as well as neighborhood residents—create an inclusive and welcoming gathering space, while carefully considered security precautions ensure the safety and comfort of residents and visitors alike.

Ultimately, the new USC Village is a thought-provoking melding of community, education and mixed-used spaces that asks the question: “How do we design for higher education in the 21st century?” The answer? Like this.
The location connects the USC campus with the downtown core.
Public visiting hours encourage engagement with the community and larger campus while protecting safety and privacy.
A security gating system, keycard entry, face scanning and thumbprint recognition technology ensure the safety of residents and visitors.
Suite-styled student and faculty residences are arranged into seven “residential colleges” above retail and classroom spaces.
Pre-cast concrete panels fabricated offsite shortened construction time to thirty months without sacrificing quality.
The development expands campus housing for undergraduates by 25% and extends USC’s footprint by almost 30%.
USC Village is the biggest thing USC has ever done, and probably ever will do.”
C. L. Max Nikias
University of Southern California
Expanding a historic campus—without breaking character.
USC Village, University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA
Building history.