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Athletic Complex and Aquatic Center, Livermore High School
Livermore, CA
A statement piece.
A modern athletic complex signals campus evolution.
A 21st Century Complex
To anchor the west end of the campus and signal that the school has grown from an agrarian focused curriculum into a 21st century comprehensive high school, HED was brought in design the new Livermore High School Athletic Complex and Aquatic Center.

This new athletic complex sits adjacent to the school’s stadium, and includes a multi-level, 50,000 SF event center and a 11-lane, 25-meter swimming pool with two diving platforms. It also houses a main multi-use gymnasium, auxiliary gymnasium above a weight room, physical education classrooms, team rooms, and support spaces. The mezzanine level viewing section of the main gym allows this space to be utilized for dance and theatrical performances.

A keystone of the west end of the campus, the adjacent main stadium entry is signaled by a portal that evolves from a barrier separating the school from the public. The complex's scale and variety of spaces enables it to be used by both the school and community. The distinctive design and placement is a keystone, defining the west end of the campus, unifying the other facilities nearby to form a cohesive campus flow.
The complex is an opening anchor for a new master plan which HED will be part of, which aims to transform the ad hoc planned site that has grown over time into a single cohesive campus.
The complex acts as a community events center for the neighborhood.
Separate entrances exist for separate functions, but the public portal for the existing adjacent stadium unites all of them with a ‘shared identity.’
Because of the variety of spaces and uses of the complex, there is potential for a joint-use agreement with the city recreation department.
Horizontal metal siding wraps the upper levels, minimizing finish installation time at these tall parts of the building.
The two gymnasium spaces include translucent panels at all perimeter exterior walls, infusing the space with generous amounts of natural day light. The exterior of the building features broad overhangs to minimize thermal heat gain at the windows.
A modern athletic complex signals campus evolution.
Athletic Complex and Aquatic Center, Livermore High School
Livermore, CA
A statement piece.