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Tenant Improvement, Qualcomm
Santa Clara, CA
Current, modern, flexible.
Reconfigured and redesigned laboratory HQ.
Providing state-of-art facilities for employees to innovate
A global leader in the development and commercialization of technologies and products used in mobile devices and other wireless technologies, Qualcomm, in the last 16 years alone, has invested more than $65 billion in research and development, with much of that work coming out of their San Diego headquarters campus. A longtime client and partner, they brought in the HED team to help chart a new course for reconfiguring and consolidating the operations of their main headquarters campus to better align with their upcoming plans for R&D and office operations. During an unprecedented time of work-from-home culture, the goal was to design a modern, safe, and desirable workplace that will draw back current employees, attract new talent, and allow innovation to thrive. The first two buildings on the campus to be reconceived include the 45,000 square foot Building E and the 85,000 square foot Building D.

Building E, home to some of Qualcomm's most visible engineering teams, received a more extensive enhancement, including a re-skinning of the building’s exterior envelope and activated enhancement and strategic environmental protection of its 3-acre site. Functioning as a gateway to the campus, Building E’s updated exterior was built while the primary structure was left intact. On the interior, spaces were purposefully redesigned to facilitate and encourage collaboration, team building, communication, and flexibility. Renovated laboratories are now flooded with daylight and upgraded building systems allow for the company’s growth in its evolving fields of science and technology.

At Building D, interior renovations were undertaken with a focus on enhancing the space for employee retention and attraction purposes. Thoughtful and purposeful design created opportunities for branding wall graphics, wide-ranging workstation configurations, and collaborative spaces such as writable white-board walls. Conference rooms are preconfigured with the latest AV equipment facilitating impromptu dialogue and engagement across platforms and workplace locations. In addition to similar lab improvements to building E, and collaboratively focused spaces, building D also features further talent-focused amenities such as quiet rooms, phone booths, nursing rooms, and well-stocked cafes. The light bright modern environment utilizes exposed structural elements, open ceilings, baffled light fixtures, and transparency between spaces. Finish materials such as branded accent color walls, carpet transitions and open ceiling paint transitions delineate spaces and create a dynamic flow from each sequence of spaces. The effective implementation of corporate design standards in this modern workplace renovation reinforces Qualcomm's company culture and provides opportunities to showcase their corporate identity.
Reconfigured and redesigned interior spaces including lobbies, open and private offices, collaboration spaces, advanced open labs with specialized testing chambers, and all vital support spaces.
HED purposefully designed spaces in such a way to facilitate and encourage collaboration, innovation, employee team building, communication, and flexibility.
The design enhanced and reconfigured the laboratories while making them more engaging areas for collaborative research and filled them with invigorating daylight.
A key consideration was the impact of the physical surroundings and day-to-day environment on wellness and happiness for users.
The building systems and infrastructure were also upgraded to allow for growth and expansion of Qualcomm's dynamic organization.
Employee workstations were designed to facilitate a safe, comfortable, positive work environment with new modern furnishings, configurations, and finishes.
Attractive amenities were provided, such as flexible collaboration spaces, quiet rooms, private phone booths, nursing rooms, and well stocked employee cafes.
Reconfigured and redesigned laboratory HQ.
Tenant Improvement, Qualcomm
Santa Clara, CA
Current, modern, flexible.